Care & Maintenance


Please use standard care and precautions with your concrete products. Concrete is extremely durable; however it is not invincible. Excessive force can damage your piece.


 To ensure the longevity of our products, we apply a thin coat of high performance sealer that enhances the colors and protects the sink from wear and staining. Please ensure that you do not use tape (painters tape, duct tape, etc.) on the products as this may cause damage to the sealer.


Concrete is porous by nature, and although our sealer can protect your product from staining of harsh chemicals; it is best practice that you clean the spills as they occur to ensure the longevity of your product. 

General cleaning is best done using a cloth soaked in warm water with mild dish soap of neutral pH.

Things to avoid 

Avoid usage of abrasive cleaners, soaps or harsh scrubbers that could potentially wear down the sealer. We recommend using mild, non-abrasive, non-ammonia, non-acidic, non-vinegar, non-bleach soaps and cleaners. 

If your product gets in contact with any of the below chemicals or liquids, clean promptly to avoid staining. This includes highly acidic liquids (lemon juice, mustard, vinegar, wine, soda, citric acid, tomatoes) and other harsh chemicals or solvents (perfumes, ammonia, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, etc.).