The deal with concrete.

Each one of our products is individually hand crafted out of our unique concrete blend ensuring a durable, long-lasting product that has a distinct set of markings, making it a one of a kind piece that embraces the natural beauty of the concrete.  

Concrete is a product of nature and just like anything natural, is not perfect. But we believe in the beauty of imperfection and the unique qualities that come with making concrete products. 

Holes or Pockmarks

Small holes sometimes occur on the surface of the sinks, this is completely natural and common amongst cast concrete as this is trapped air within the concrete. 

Texture and Flow Lines

This occurs when water is introduced to the mix and is absorbed by the dry material, making these markings occasionally visible on the surface. 

Color variation

Concrete is composed up of many different materials varying in size and texture, when pigments are added to the mix this creates a chemical reaction that occurs naturally and produces these variations. 

Connection seam

Some of our products are made with a two part mold which may result in a visible seam with a slightly different, more raw texture.

The Venice Sink

The Elm Planter

The Carmel Sink

Keep in mind that the products you receive may look different from the photos on our website, this is due to the fact that each sink is unique in its own. Concrete is made up of raw components and natural materials including aggregates and different types of sand, and just like anything of nature will never be perfect, this has nothing to do with the craftsmanship and everything to do with the craft itself. This is in fact the beauty of our product and what our products stand for. Before placing an order with us, please make sure you are comfortable with these unique markings and characteristics.