Four Reasons Why You Should Use Concrete for Your Next Planter Project


Plants give a space life, both literally and artistically. When considering how to house them, there is a lot to take into consideration- such as the style, function, and durability of the planters they will be in. While there are many stylish options, few are as beneficial as concrete. 

1. Aesthetic


Let’s begin with the most obvious reason why concrete planters may be right for your space. They can come in any size, shape or color. From immense, to small enough to sit on your kitchen counter, concrete planters can fill any niche. You aren’t bound by the constraints of other materials that aren’t able to lend themselves to such a diverse range of aesthetic options. From round to rectangular, it’s easy to find a planter that will fit any arrangement of furniture or floor plan.



2. Durability


Concrete is long lasting and durable. This means, they can easily be used both indoors and outdoors without breaking down. In places with severe weather, concrete planters can stand the test of time- where less durable planters like wood or plastic may erode and eventually fade or fail. Child proof, and pet proof, a concrete planter may be the best option in a household where other materials may be easily knocked over. Which means less stress for your plants (and you!).



3. Practicality


Not only are these planters beautiful, and durable, but they are also practical. By nature, concrete is porous meaning it retains water, in dry areas, plants that need high humidity are less likely to absorb all their water too soon.  Similarly, the thickness of concrete insulates, providing a natural form of temperature control- similar to the protection a plant receives by rooting deep into the ground. The result of retained moisture, and self insulating material is that your plants will enjoy their own microsphere, making them more resilient to seasonal change.

4. Sustainability


Concrete planters are more environmentally conscious than plastic. Our concrete planters are handmade, made in the USA, and composed of raw materials that are locally sourced. Because of their timeless beauty, and durability, they can house your plants for years to come. That’s less waste in landfills, and fewer purchases you have to make replacing plastic pots that crack, fade, and wear out far too soon.

July 28, 2022